Prisoners of the Afghan Pamir

Wakhan in the Pamir region of Eastern Afghanistan is home to the last Kyrgyz nomads who live in the most isolated high-altitude community on th planet. Isolated in their mountain camps at 4300 meters above sea level, only 1200 of them survice as best they can. The y live just a few miles away from theredd developed countries: China, Tajikistan and Pakistan. But history has closed the borders of them, imprisoning them on Afghan soil. Thera are no scholls and no vehicle; there is no electricity and no cultivation here .Not even a tree. While globalization threatens to swallow them up, the Kyrgyz people of the Afghan Pamir must fight for their survivzl, and to preserve their ways of life and unique traditions. Director Louis Meunier spent a whole year following these people, through the changing seasons. Among them, Abdul Wali would like to marry off his eldest son, Nematullah. but in Wakhan, a woman is worth 100 sheep and he can’t afford the price. So he strikes a deal with a neighbouring clzn and swaps his 18-year-old daughter for a wife for Nematullah. We discover from an insider’s point of view how the Kyrgyz community functions and the challenges it faces. Will these people survive here, or must they start looking for a future elsewhere?


Louis Meunier


France 5






Social issues