Plastic Trap

Barely 60 years have passed since plastic entered our daily lives. From then on, this material has swamped every nook and cranny of the planet.

It revolutionized the world, but it also became a sticky friend, cumbersome and poisonous. At best it will be converted, buried, swept under the carpet. From now on, we also inhale it, drink it and eat it. Over her wanderings, the Muckracker has discovered that plastic soup which overruns the seas and gets embedded in the mussels and oysters we eat ! Our world becomes polymerized and we do along with it, without anyone really knowing what the consequences will be in the long run on our health and ecosystem.

The Muckracker goes off to explore that plastic trap which gradually stifles us and makes us sick, the victims of our own excesses.

A documentary with Olivia Mokiejewski.


France 2