Life before birth

The day we are born is not the first day of our life. We now know that even within its mother’s womb, the fetus has an extraordinary relationship with the outside world. During those few months, the major characteristics of the person we will become are determined, marking out our destiny.

Numerous recent studies have shown that the learning of our mother tongue begins in the womb; that the fetus is able to feel its mother’s pain, and even that of its father; that it shares the dreams of the woman who carries it. Two existences that we believed to be quite separate now turn out to communicate in a highly elaborate fashion.

Here, at last, is the story of this pre-natal period. By telling the story of a fictitious couple whose fetus suffers from a pulmonary malformation, we reveal the fascinating scientific advances in the field of in utero surgery. Alongside them, parents, children and doctors who have all had first-hand experience of this situation describe with empathy the intense emotions when a baby’s life is at stake.

We all know how a child is created, but knowing what it is that makes each of us a unique individual is a whole different story. Through compelling 3D reconstructions, this docu-drama shows those precious months that determine the essential characteristics of each human being, in a moving adventure where science and poetry meet.




Nathalie Saugeon, Romain Icard


Romain Icard


France 2, Planète