Alain Delon

A portrait of actor Alain Delon that attempts to peel off the masks of a national icon who bristles with defences. A first ever! Without recourse to outside testimony, “Delon Revealed” is a portrait that lets his personality speak for itself. We follow the actor from his early career via numerous extracts from his films. We listen to him talk inamazing interviews recorded over more than 50 years.

In the course of this dizzying journey, a new truth about Alain Delon surfaces: the man who made 87 films, and the best-looking face of French cinema – is a man we thought we knew, but didn’t.

Photo 1 : Alain Delon / La piscine / 1968 réalisé par Jacques Deray © Screen Prod / Photononstop. Photo 2 : Alain Delon / Plein soleil / 1960 réalisé par René Clément © Screen Prod / Photononstop. Photographe : Screen Prod. Photo 3 : Légende : Samourai, Le (fr/it1967) Alain Delon (1967) © Ronald Grant Archive/Mary Evans Picture Library / Photononstop. Photographe : Ronald Grant Archive/Mary Evans Picture


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