About us

Nilaya Productions

An independent production company headed by Patricia Boutinard Rouelle, Nilaya has been active since 2011.

Our films are marked by a desire to explore in depth the issues at the heart of our societies and history – to give original writing its place and trust in the public’s intelligence. From archive-based documentaries to docu-fictions, from works of history to immersive films and investigations, Nilaya Productions primes diversity and liveliness. Realscreen Magazine rated Nilaya one of the 100 most influential producers.

Our films are broadcast on all French channels, but also internationally (Curiosity Stream, NAT GEO, YLE, DR, RTS, SVT, ZDF, SVT, RTBF, ARTV, NHK, CCTV9 ...).

Our notable productions include: Gabriel Le Bomin’s “The Algerian War, the Fracture”; Caroline Fourest’s “Marine Le Pen”; “Das Reich, Hitler’s death squads” by Michael Prazan; “Middle Classes, a Life on the Wire” by Frédéric Brunnquell; “First Man“by Frédéric Fougea and Jérome Guiot; and “France between the two wars” by Romain Icard. “Simone Veil” by Hugues Nancy was selected at the Prix Europa and received France Télévisions’s highest impact score for 2018.

We are currently producing documentaries for Arte and France Télévisions on particularly complex subjects, often ones in echo with the news: “We, Muslims in France” by Romain Icard; “Globesity” by Sylvie Gilman and Thierry de Lestrade; “MBS, the Prince” by Antoine Vitkine; and Laurent Follea’s “Frogies, What Will We Become?”. We also explore “heritage” topics, mixing history and biographical portraits, such as “In the Shadow of Hitchcock” by Laurent Herbiet. Finally, we continue our daring exploration of ancient history with a 2x52’ series on the French Revolution by Hugues Nancy and Jacques Malaterre for the prime time on France 2. After the sucess of “France between the two wars”, we are developping the next episodes of our series on France during the 20th century.

For the past two years, we have been turning towards fiction for television and cinema. In 2018, we produced Amos Gitaï’s film, “West of the Jourdain River,” which was for the Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight. And in 2019, we are developing fiction for television, including a TV movie for the series “Murder in…”  for France 3.

Patricia Boutinard Rouelle, producer, spent 16 years as head of documentaries at France Televisions.

Your contacts

  • Elisabeth Andro
    Line producer
  • Marianne Jestaz
    Executive producer
  • Anne-Claire Di Gioia
    Production coordinator
  • Mohammed Faci
    Chief Accountant