A documentary Film

60 minutes

By Laurent Follea and Antonin Boutinard Rouelle


A feel-good movie, a colorful and pleasant dive into the world of old people. There are more elderly people than ever before… The pariahs of our modern, youthful societies, where no one wants to look old, nor do we don’t want to look at the elderly. They disturb us, annoy us. But why do they scare us so? To speak about old people is to speak about our society, about the place it gives them, or doesn’t, and to try to reconcile our society with its elderly. In this film, we listen to those who are no longer heard. What are their desires, anxieties, joys, sorrows, and hopes? Six “ old fogeys” at a crucial turning point in their lives, share their stories. Be it at work, in love, with their families, friendships, or bodies, they are going through an upheaval…. How will they reinvent themselves?