About us

Nilaya Production

Nilaya is an independent production company based in Paris. Founder Patricia Boutinard Rouelle aims to develop ambitious, creative projects for leading international broadcasters, using innovative image technologies and high production standards.

For M6 in France, ZDF in Germany, CCTV9 in China, RTBF in Belgium, Curiosity Stream in the USA, SVT in Sweden, and NRK in Norway, Nilaya Productions produced The First Man (90’ or 2x45’), an event docu-drama directed by Frédéric Fougea and Jérome Guiot, which provides a new vision of the origins of humankind.

For France2, Nilaya produced A Brief Moment of Optimism (52’)/ A L’Ouest du Jourdain (90’) directed by Amos Gitaï, which questions what is left of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, more than two decades after the assassination of Rabin.

Also for France2, Nilaya produced Nos bébés ont une histoire (90’), a scientific docu-drama directed by Romain Icard, which immerses us into the invisible world of a pregnancy that turns out to be more complicated than first thought.

For France 3 and National Geographic, Nilaya recently produced the blue-chip documentary Das Reich, une division SS en France (2x44’), and Alain Delon, cet inconnu, a portrait of the French movie icon (90’ - France 3 and Arte).

For France 5, Nilaya produced Etats-Unis, le nouvel apartheid (52’), which exposes the return of segregation in the American school system, and Sous le nuage d’Hiroshima (52’), a coproduction with NHK to mark the 70th anniversary of the first A-bomb. 

Your contacts

  • Elisabeth Andro
    Line producer
  • Marianne Jestaz
    Executive producer
  • Anne-Claire Di Gioia
    Production coordinator
  • Mohammed Faci
    Chief Accountant