• First Man

    Written by Frédéric Fougea, Alain Michel Blanc and Stephanie Valloato. The ultimate voyage on the origins of mankind, an international docu drama.

  • Collaborations

    A documentary series (2x52"), directed by Gabriel le Bomin, recounting one of darkest episodes in France's history.

  • Vino Business

    The Hidden Face of France's Great Wines

  • Middle class. Lives on The Line.

    Discover the daily lives of four lower middle class families who feel they have vanished from the radar.

  • Das Reich, Hitler’s death squads

    The bloody route of the SS DAS REICH armoured division in France between June 1944 and May 1945.

  • Medecine under influence

    This film investigates one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical laboratories: MERCK

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Nilaya is a French-based TV production company, created by the former Head of Documentaries at France Televisions, Patricia Boutinard Rouelle. Nilaya focuses on ambitious groundbreaking factually inspired programmes accessible to the widest viewing public possible.

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  • Article C21 International

    Attracted by the numbers, private channels are starting to test the documentary waters. M6 commissioned a couple of high-end docs, including Nilaya Productions’s CGI docudrama First Man, which aims to tell the story of mankind,... Read more

  • Reals Screen Magazine / MIPTV Picks 2014

    In August of 2009, the Swiss government handed over to the U.S. Congress the names of 4,500 American tax evaders who had been using offshore bank accounts. After UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld told the IRS how the bank came to the U.S. to entice its rich to use its... Read more

  • M6 sonde l'homme de la préhistoire

    La chaîne a annoncé son entrée de plain-pied dans le domaine du doc de création avec "Premier Homme, la nouvelle histoire de nos origines", l'un des projets les plus ambitieux présentés au Sunny Side.

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