Hitchcock Confidential

Alfred Hitchcock is known as a giant of moviemaking, a facetious master of suspense, obsessed with blond heroines in peril, with the reputation of being tyranniccal towards his actors.

But who knows the real Hitchcock ? During his last public appearance, "Hitch" paid tribute to the wife, mother, co-writer, editor and partner of a lifetime that was Alma Reville Hitchcock. The two Hitchcock were inseperable, engineering the unquestionable masterpieces together. Their genuine collaboration never stopped from the day they met until the end of their lives. It's in light of this fusional relationship that this film will revisit and shed fresh light on the legend. But there is no light without shadow and Alma's voice will also reveal Hitch's dark side, his contradictions and flaws, which come together to make the myth. 

We will eplore the role played by women throughout the director's career. Alma's role of course - his "most demanding critic" and brightest too - but also the stars and collaborators who played a part in his work's progression. At a time when harassment in the world of moviemaking is a major talking point, we will also look afresh at Hitchcock's sometimes controversial relationships with his actresses. 

Portrait, Culture, History
Laurent Herbiet
Laurent Herbiet, Patrick McGilligan

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