The French Revolution. As if we were there !

A founding event of modern times... A myth that fascinates as much as it frightens... The moment when the world, astounded, swung into a new era.Imagine a documentary lm made between 1789 and 1795.
This is the “embedded” French Revolution that we want to share: anexceptional, immersive experience seen through cameras that dive into the heart of history, following its every jolt.
It’s the story of the fall of the world’s most glorious, most powerful and most ancient monarchy — and of the people’s revolt that tore apart anation and continent balanced between hope and war.
It’s a gripping narrative, told as it takes place – live, with immediacy –through the eyes and voices of those who bore witness and took part in the French Revolution: politicians, journalists, citizens...
It’s a historical thriller that explores the fabric of democracy, the drive for equality and impossible quest for freedom.
Our lm will play on the codes of documentary lms to immerse theviewer in an important political moment, as if the events had just takenplace. We will relive the decade after the 1789 revolution through several image sources, as we would live a current event: scenes of immersion within the daily lives and actions of citizens in a Paris neighborhood; interviews with the main political actors and leaders of the time; archives from the era treated as if they were present-daynews images.

Writer/Director: Hugues NANCY
Author and director of documentaries on the political, cultural andsocial history of the twentieth century and portraits of great guressuch as Picasso, Mitterrand, De Gaulle ou Simone Veil.

Director: Jacques MALATERRE
Jacques Malaterre is a French lmmaker and lm director.
He made documentaries, docu-dramas and series for France Televisions, TF1, M6, Canal+ with projects as“A Species Odyssey”, “Homo sapiens” and “The Rise of Man” (with Yves Coppens as aconsultant), and historical lms as “The Assassination of Henry IV”.

Writer : Adila BENNEDJAI-ZOU
Director of historical documentaries and screenwriter of ction.

Hugues Nancy
France 2

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